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About Us

The SANDWICH LANGUAGE company is being launched starting July 1st,  2022 as a personal food-making business. We are going to offer a wide variety of sandwiches for customers. Moreover, we would like to introduce a casual office delivery, as well as social and private events by additional arrangements. While a lot of things are changing, we believe to remain constant in doing our business and stay committed to using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients in every sandwich.

It's our pleasure to serve you! 

My Story

        Do you not know what to eat for your breakfast or lunch? We are here to give you an answer and help you to make a choice. The SANDWICH LANGUAGE family company is focused on simple, but tasty food delivered to customers, office workers, private events, office lunches, reception breakfasts, or lunches. Our mission and motto are FOOD MADE FOR GOOD. We hope that all we make is made for a good mood, good morning, good day, good people, and good life.

        My name is Konstantin.  As a former cook and Chef, I had a vision of simple but tasty food for every day to feel great and powered. It was a long way over twenty years to get the decision of opening a personal business. I was born in Europe and had classic food training before starting my career in a kitchen. My roots go back to Germany. The traditional German food is quite rich and heavy. A typical meal usually includes meats and bread even for breakfast, as well as lots of greens such as different types of cabbage and kale. 

        Nevertheless, our future goal is to develop comfort eating with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, which are definitely more than sauerkraut and sausages. We would like to shape our food with the help of local traditions, that have made Canada home for many people. 

That is why, we want our future customers to feel on the right path to finding the exact food they want, an exact flavor they feel, an exact taste they need! Best of all, we will take care of all details. So, all you need is to choose your food and relax. And we will deliver the taste of your choice!

Thank you!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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